be the change

Be the Change Day

[By Alyce Cho] After a successful Challenge Day earlier in the year, the Administration Board unveiled yet another radical project to the students, Be the Change Day. This day provided the students an opportunity to listen to speakers in a variety of fields about their professions. The students were asked to fill out a survey […]

brad pitt

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

[By Alyce Cho] For Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Wednesday night was an important night because it was Angelina Jolie’s world premiere of her Disney movie “Maleficent”. However, it was quite a night for Brad Pitt who was struck in the face by celebrity prankster, Vitalii Sediuk, while signing autographs. However after confirming he was […]

apple beats

Apple buys Beats

[By Alyce Cho] On May 28, 2014, Apple, the sole company that revolutionized digital music, made an official statement that it would be buying Beats Electronics for $3 billion. Beats Electronics is known for its famous headphone set series, created by legendary artist and producer, Dr. Dre, and Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, Jimmy […]


15 Song That’ll Make Graduation Unforgettable

[By Jordan Cutler-Tietjen] Whether you’re a metal junkie or one of Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters, you deserve the best graduation possible.  This playlist contains all the songs you need to give June 5th legend status. 1) We Are the Champions / Queen No other song embodies triumph quite as wholly as this Queen ballad.  It’s the […]


Spartan Advice Column

[By Christina Hacobian and Scott Slattery] Question: I had a big fight with my friend. I want to apologize, but I am afraid that she might not want to see me anymore. What should I do? Christina: Regardless of what you did, you must apologize! If you don’t, your friend might get the impression that […]


Wildfire Scare Over, For Now…

[By Ischaak Mylvaganam] Fire! It’s a cry that is becoming all too familiar in California, as over 10 separate incidents across the southern half of the state this past week signaled the official start to what is shaping up to be the most foreboding and catastrophic wildfire season yet. It’s only May, meaning summer won’t […]


Summer Vacation Ideas for Seniors

[By Genevieve Willis] For many seniors, this will be the first summer that you haven’t had summer school or some other sort of daily summer activity related to high school. Now the question is: how exactly do you use your time until you need to pack up for college?   Learn to cook Let’s be honest. […]


Seniors venture to Catalina Islands

[By Hassan Ahmed] It was the perfect day; perfect weather; and most importantly: the perfect people. On May 16th, LCHS traveled to Catalina as part of the annual school-approved “senior ditch-day.” Seniors and chaperones woke up early and departed to long beach where they traveled in a 45-minute smooth boat-ride to Avalon, the main town […]

Be the Change Day

[By Hassan Ahmed] Let me be honest, I was not planning to attend “Be The Change Day.” However, after the realization of my lackluster attendance at school and at the urging of my friends, I decided to attend “Be The Change Day,” expecting nothing enticing. I was wrong. My decision to attend “Be The Change […]


Why we need to change the cafeteria food

There is a reason that stereotypes about cafeteria food exist. It’s because many of the stereotypes are true. Cafeteria food is unappealing, overpriced, and uniform. Thankfully, cafeteria food reform is not hopeless. With new standards being implemented by the Agriculture Department for the 2014-2015 school year, school lunches are required to contain more whole grains, […]